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How to ensure the availability of the videoconference?
How to ensure the availability of the videoconference?

This article is for administrators and DSI services in your structure

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How do I ensure the availability of the videoconferencing service?

STEP 1 - Enable Videoconferencing from the Administration

In order to ensure that the service is available, you need to allow platform users to use the videoconferencing feature.

So go to the Administration, Online Meetings section and enable talkspirit videoconference.

STEP 2 - Activate the service from the Administration

Once the videoconference enabled on the platform, you can choose between two video conferencing services. To activate the service, choose Enabled.

STEP 3 - Proceed with UDP port settings

In order to use the service, it is essential to open UDP ports 10000 to 10100 on IP

It is necessary to open the ports on the domain * on the IP for TCP web 443 flows.

STEP 4 - Verify that the facility's devices allow access to the microphone/video

The videoconferencing service requires authorization to use the microphone and camera on the computers. It is necessary to ensure that the browser through which the user accesses the videoconference has permission to use these components.

At the browser level, make sure that these components are authorized for the domain > (subdomain being the name of your organization).

STEP 5 - The videoconferencing service is now available to users of the platform

As a reminder, the supported browsers are as follows:

  • Chrome: 80,

  • Firefox: 72,

  • Edge: 83,

  • Safari: 13.

We recommend using Google Chrome to use the service.

NB: if you are browsing on the desktop application and wish to join a videoconference, it will open in your default browser.

It is then essential to be connected to your account on the platform from the browser to join the videoconference.

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