Administrators' rights

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An administrator has additional rights to manage the platform and its settings. These features are accessible in the Administer space accessible via the gear iconat the top of the left-hand navigation menu.


The general settings allow you to manage your platform based on the purpose you what want to use it for. It's possible to:


This tab lets you manage team members, users outside your team or organization and invitations sent.

Here you'll find information like each user's status, the date of last connection, and total number of users, along with actions like:


Customization of your platform's graphic interface: Logo, connection page image and color scheme.


In this tab you can integrate services that apply to the platform as a whole. Two types of services are offered:

  • External web services that allow users to connect to your platform: Google, MS Azure et LinkedIn.

  • Cloud file storage services: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive et Box.


This tab contains your platform's activity indicators.

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