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Suspending and/or anonymizing a user
Suspending and/or anonymizing a user

How to suspend or delete an account

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This article is intended for talkspirit administrators.

Suspending a user blocks their access to the platform. This action is not irreversible, at any time you can end a user's suspension and restore their access to the platform.

A suspended user's contributions can also be anonymized, their name and profile photo will no longer appear beside their contributions.

Suspend and/or anonymize a user:

  • Click the gear icon of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on the Users link

  • Go to the Members or Guest tab depending on whether you want to suspend a member or a guest

  • Click on the chevron at the right of a user's name and choose Suspend or Suspend and anonymize


A similar process should be followed if you decide to reinstate a suspended user at a later date.

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