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This article is for platform administrators.

What are the paid offers?

Talkspirit has three paid offers: Essentials, Standard, Premium.

What is the "Standard" offer?

The standard offer includes:

  • Chat,

  • Groups / Channels,

  • Newsfeed,

  • Home Portal,

  • 10 integrations of your choice,

  • Videoconference up to 12 ppl,

  • Document storage up to 1 To,

  • OfficeNow: basic features,

  • Support: 24h response delay.

This offer is at the price of 4€ per user per month under an annual plan and 5€ per user per month under a monthly plan.

What is the "Premium" offer?

The premium offer includes:

  • Chat,

  • Groups / Channels,

  • Newsfeed,

  • Home Portal,

  • Unlimited integrations,

  • Videoconference up to 12 ppl (beta),

  • Document storage up to 10 To,

  • OfficeNow: advanced features (simultaneous co-editing and version history),

  • Support: dedicated contact person (chat/telephone/email) and 4h response time,

  • Directory of professional apps,

  • FAQ Chatbot Assistant.

This offer is priced at 7 EUR per user per month on an annual plan and 8.5 EUR per user per month on a monthly plan.

What is the Essentials offer?

The essentials offer includes:

  • Videoconference up to 2 ppl,

  • Chat & posts: 30-day history,

  • Open groups up to 10,

  • Document storage up to 10 Go,

  • 3 integrations of your choice,

  • IIlimited users.

This offer is free.

What happens when I reach the number of licenses I purchased?

You’ll then receive an alert inviting you to increase the number of your paying licenses in the "Subscription & Billing" tab.

I have just suspended users: what impact does this have?

You’ll then be able to invite other users to make the best use of the number of licenses you have.

However, if you don't want to invite other users to join, you can reduce the number of licenses at the end of the current subscription.

How do I add or remove licenses during my subscription?

You can add user licenses at any time but can only remove them when you renew your subscription. More information is available here.

Is it possible to change a monthly subscription to an annual subscription and vice versa?

You can change the frequency of your payments at the end of your subscription. You can find more information here.

I want to change from guest to member or from member to guest.

The licenses of multi-groups guests and single groups guests are different.

You can create as many single-group guest accounts as you want, for free.

The price of a multi-group guest license is similar to the price of a member license, you can change the status of your users at any time.

If you don't have enough licenses, an alert will ask you to purchase the required number of additional licenses.

What payment methods are allowed?

All payments are made online.

You can pay by:

  • credit card,

  • transfer (only in the context of an annual commitment)

  • direct debit.

What does Powered by Chargebee mean?

Talkspirit uses the Chargebee online service to manage payment methods and invoicing.

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