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Who can set up the payment methods?

Only administrators have access to the Licences & Plan tab. Thus, they’re the only ones who can modify the payment information.

To set up the payment method:

  • click on Administration in the left side menu bar,

  • then select Licences & Plan,

  • in Manage your account, click on Payment method and Change.

You’ll have the choice between credit card or direct debit. Choose Direct debit then click on Pay with GOCARDLESS, an online payment solution specialised in direct debit.

You’ll have access to a new page where you’ll have to fill in the following information:

  • country,

  • name of your organization,

  • IBAN,

  • billing address,

  • city,

  • zip code,

  • email.

Finally, click on Set up a direct debit. You’ll be automatically monthly or annually charged depending on the plan you chose.

Warning: this action cannot be performed from the desktop application. This should be done from the browser.

Which amount of purchase by direct debit?

The direct debit can only be used for more than 1€ and less than 15,000€. You can also pay by card or bank transfer.


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