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The OfficeNow suite of collaborative documents
The OfficeNow suite of collaborative documents
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OfficeNow is talkspirit's complete collaborative office suite allowing your users to work efficiently together and online on 3 types of documents: the text document, the spreadsheet and the presentation.

When OfficeNow is enabled in your organization, 3 document icons appear above the news feed and in the file space.

Creating a document

To create a document, click on the icon of your choice:

  • The text document is represented by the blue icon

  • The spreadsheet is represented by the green icon

  • The presentation is represented by the red icon

If you do this from the News Feed, a popup offers you to choose the group and directory in which you share this document. Otherwise, a new window opens on the new document.

Overview of the 3 document types

The interface of each document type is familiar.

Interface of the document

Interface of the spreadsheet

Interface of the presentation

Working with OfficeNow documents

When you change the contents of a document, everything you enter is automatically saved online by default. You can close the window of your document without fear when you leave, as we keep your work.

Give your document a title by clicking on the box in the upper left corner of the window and replacing Untitled Document with the title of your choice.

Working collaboratively, version management

OfficeNow allows multiple users to work together on the same document at the same time. The presence of several people online on the document is visible by an icon in the upper right-hand banner of the document.

Several collaboration options are available from the Collaboration menu in the document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

To track changes made by users to the document, activate Track Changes mode.

You can also Add comments by selecting a text item, reply to it and close these dicussions in the corresponding window.

Click here to learn more about collaboration options (to do).

When you change a document, the changes you make to it generate new versions. These versions can be kept to distinguish the evolutions made between 2 versions and to return to a previous version if necessary.

The display of the versions is available in the Files menu (coming soon).

Permissions and rights

When you create a document, all members of your group (members of your organization or guests) can access and edit it.

Documents shared within a group are not accessible to people outside your platform.

Advanced rights and permissions will be added in our future developments.

Other actions

Documents created and shared within a group can be subject to the same actions as other files.

  • Rename

  • Move to

  • Create a copy

  • Attach to a document

  • Copy the file link

  • Download

Switching Microsoft Office documents to OfficeNow

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint files shared within a group can be opened and edited in Talkspirit's OfficeNow suite.

The changes you make are saved online, so there's no need to download them in order to share them.

Compatibility of OfficeNow documents with Microsoft Office

All OfficeNow documents can be downloaded in Microsoft Office format directly from the File menu or via the Download Document command in the Group Files area.

Download via the File menu of the document

Hosting and storage

All OfficeNow documents are hosted on our infrastructure in France at OVHcloud. Learn more about security management.

Talkspirit provides you with storage space limited to 1 TB for your organization. Contact us if you wish to have a larger space.

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