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Add or remove licenses to your subscription
Add or remove licenses to your subscription
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You want to add or remove new members to your platform ? More information in this article.

Who should read this article?

This article is for platform administrators.

Who can add or remove licenses?

Only administrators have access to the "Subscription and billing" tab of the general settings. They’re the only ones able to add or remove licenses to the subscription.

How do I access the Subscription & billing tab?

To update the number of licenses, you need to follow these steps:

  • click on "Administration", in the left side menu bar of the platform,

  • then select "Subscription & billing".

This will take you to the details of your subscription, such as:

  • the number of paying licenses,

  • the number of used licenses,

  • the number of licenses left to use.

What is a paying license?

The purchase of a license equals the purchase of a member account or a multi-group guest account which have similar prices.

When purchasing a license, no distinction is made between the two statuses. The administrator will be able to select the number of licenses to purchase without worrying about the status he wants to give his new user. This setting can be done later, in the "Manage users" tab.

NB: the creation of a single-group guest account is free and isn’t part of the paying licenses count. The number of single-group guest licenses appears right under these paying licenses.

You can have as many single-group guest accounts as you can have licenses on the platform.

Example: you have subscribed to 15 licenses (which you can use for multi-group member/guest accounts), you can invite 15 single-group guests to the platform.

The invitations sent to users

Unused paid licenses are required to invite multi-group guests or members to join the platform.

When an administrator (or a member, depending on the authorisations that have been defined in the Administration) wants to invite a new user to join the platform, he must have enough licenses to do so.

Example: You’ve ordered 100 licenses and have 80 active members and/or multi-group guests. You therefore have 20 licenses available.

You wish to invite 10 new users to join the platform: you can do it because you’ve got 20 licenses that are available. Once the 10 invitations are launched, you’ll have 10 licenses available.

In case you would like to invite 30 users to join the platform, you’ll need to subscribe to 10 additional paid licenses because you only have 20 available licenses. Once those 10 licenses purchased, you’ll be able to invite those 30 users.

To check if you still have available licenses, go to Subscription & Billing in the Administration.

Increasing the number of licenses:

To increase the number of paying licenses:

  • click on the "Add more users now" button,

  • change the number of users to the desired number,

  • click on "Validate order".

For immediate application:

You’ll be debited immediately for the period from the day you make the increase until the end of your subscription.

In the case of a monthly subscription:

If your "Standard" subscription is for the period from January 1st to 31st and you add 8 members on January 17th, then the price paid will be: (31-17) / 31 x 8 x 6€ HT.

NB: if you subscribed to Talkspirit before July 1, 2022, the calculation is (31-17) / 31 x 8 x 4€ HT.

You can also change the subscription at the end of the term:

You’ll then be billed on the day you renew your subscription, when at the end of its term.

Decrease the number of paying users:

The reduction in the number of licenses is only possible at the end of the current subscription, whether the subscription is monthly or annual.

To reduce the number of licenses:

  • click on "change subscription on next renewal”,

  • change the number of users,

  • click on the "schedule changes" button.

Warning: you can only reduce the number of unused licenses.

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