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Attaching files to a contribution
Attaching files to a contribution
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All users can share files as attachments to a post. Talkspirit allows file sharing up to 500 MB per upload.

You can attach files to a post from:

  • the News Feed,

  • the Drive.

Attach files from the news feed

You can attach files to your post from the News Feed when you create:

  • a simple post,

  • an event.

The simple post

To attach a file to a single post, go to the Create a new post icon located on the News Feed icon bar.

From the draft of your post, select the paperclip icon.

You can then attach a file from your computer to the post or embed a link from an external resource.

You can also drag and drop your files into your draft.

Attach an external resource link

When you select the External Resource option, a window appears asking you to enter the Name of the resource and its URL.

Once these two fields filled, you can click on Add file to add the file to your post. Click Publish to share the post with your group members.

Once the post is shared, the file will appear as an attachment to the post.

Note: shared attachments are similar to attachments you would share via email. They are not editable.

Share files as a comment on a post

You can also comment on a group member's post and associate a file with it. To do so, click on Add a comment and select the paperclip icon.

You can then choose to associate your comment with:

  • a file on your computer,

  • an external resource,

  • a code snippet.

The event

To attach a file to an event, you can create an event from the News Feed icon bar or from the Events tab at the top right of your News Feed page.

Just like a simple post, all you have to do is select the paperclip tab and choose the source of your file.

Attach files from the Drive

You can also attach a file from the Drive to your post. To do this, go to the Drive. Select the file you want to share by clicking on it once to bring up the Other actions option and then select Attach to a post.

You're then instantly redirected to the draft of a new post where you will have to fill in the recipients, a title and a body text for this contribution.

Share files via Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

Talkspirit simplifies the sharing of files from file hosting services in the cloud via connectors to be activated by an administrator. For more information, see this article.

Who can attach files to a post?

All users have the ability to attach files to a post if they have group-level publishing permissions set by a group manager.

Can I attach files on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

You can attach files on all three plans.

Good to know

A file shared as an attachment to a post is not automatically integrated into the group's Drive. To add it to the Drive, select the folder icon and choose the directory where you want the file to appear.

To share a file from the Drive in an editable version, copy/paste the url link of the document in the body of your post,

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