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How to identify who’s seen a post?
How to identify who’s seen a post?
This article is for all users of the platform
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When a post is shared in the news feed, it is possible to see how many users have seen it and who they are by clicking on a mention on the bottom right of the post.

You can click on this mention to see who’s seen the post.

NB: only posts from groups with less than 250 members display this mention.

Who can identify who’s seen a post?

All users of the platform can identify who’s seen a post.

Can we identify who’s seen a post on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to identify who’s seen a post on all plans.

Disable the option

This option can be deactivated by an administrator. To do so, go in the Administration tab, General section.

The administrator will be able to activate or deactivate the option Users can see who has viewed a post.

Good to know

A post is considered seen when a user has stopped on it a few seconds. It can only be considered as seen when the user reacts to it by commenting on it or liking it.

However, this information does not guarantee that all users have read the entire post.

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