Managing features
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From the administration, General section, the administrator can enable some features:

  • Enable live video streams: once enabled, users can publish a new type of post: livestreams.
    When a livestream is published, users who see the post can watch the live video (max 500 users)
    Once the video is finished, it's automatically registered and attached to the post to be watched again later.
    Nb: Live video streams have the same technical limits as videoconferences. Firewalls can block the streams if they are not configured properly.

  • Using gifs in the chat: users can look for gifs (using the Giphy service) and share them in the chat conversations

  • Enable code snippet sharing: if some users are developers and need to share some code snippets, this feature allow them to attach snippets to posts and comments (with syntax highlighting)

  • Enabler posts and comments translations: if users have different languages, when this feature is enabled, the language of each content is detected. When a content is not in the same language as the users language, the user can translate the content (by clicking a little button at the bottom). This feature uses the Google translate service.

  • Administrators are notified of new users: if the administrators want to know when a a new user signs up, this feature enable a notification sent to all the admins each time a new sign up occurs.

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