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A group is a space for sharing information and collaborating on a main subject (news related to a place, a profession, a theme, a project).

Depending on the purpose of his group and his needs, the group manager has the possibility of activating or deactivating certain modules of his group.

Enabling/disabling modules in a group

To enable or disable apps linked to the group, click the Settings button for the group of your choice, then select Manage enabled apps.

Enable or disable the desired apps according to your needs by checking the respective buttons, then click Save.

⚠️ Disabling the chat module results in the deletion of all exchanges and shared files.

💡 By reactivating the Newsfeed, Drives, Events and Projects apps, you will find all the data for each module.

Activate the modules when creating the group

Find in this article how to create a group and choose the modules to activate.

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