The Home is similar to an Intranet Portal type entry page. It allows you to display news from your structure in a personalized way. This module consists of one or more portals: each portal can address a different audience.

The portals are built using modules of different sizes:

100% module

66% and 33% Modules

25% and 50% modules

For optimal image display, it is recommended to respect specific image sizes depending on the chosen modules.

3 image sizes are recommended:

  • 1040px / 410px for the 100%, 66% and 50% modules sizes

  • 490px / 260px for the 33% module

  • 356px / 260px for the 25% module

NB : the display is optimal when the platform is displayed in full screen.

If text is integrated into your visual, we recommend that you keep a safety margin of 25px on the sides and in height to maintain good readability of the content even in a reduced window.

Tip: To resize an image quickly, you can use this free online tool.

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