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Inserting text into a Library article and formatting it
Inserting text into a Library article and formatting it

Add text, quotes, links and emoticons to your library items

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The module Library brings together all the internal resources of your structure. Managers can create different pages (and sub-pages) on this module, to which text can be added.

You will be able to:

To display the list of all the content that can be inserted on your page, type / .

Insert simple text and format

Adding and formatting your text as you wish via the rich text editor:

  • HEADING 1 (main title)

  • HEADING 2 (1st level subtitle)

  • HEADING 3 (subtitle 2ᵉ level)

  • bold,

  • italic,

  • underline,

  • strikethrough,

  • numbered and bulleted lists,

  • code snippet.

Simply select the text to be formatted to make the edit bubble appear.

Adding a quote

Do you want to highlight an inspiring phrase? Management intervention? It is possible to do this by adding citations.

This option is characterized by the addition of a text block highlighted by a frame and quotation marks.

To add a quote, type / then choose Quote from the drop-down list.

It is also possible to modify an existing text into a quote by selecting it and then choosing Quote.

Tip: for a line break within a quote, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter

Adding emoji

To add emoji directly to your page, type / and choose Emoticon from the drop-down list.

Then select the emoji of your choice from the proposed list.

Tip: you can also use the : to add emoji.

Mention a member

It is possible to mention users within a page.

To do this, type / then choose command from the drop-down list or use the @ shortcut.

The list of all platform users is displayed. All you have to do is select the users you want to mention.

Once chosen, the user is mentioned. It is possible to click on the mention to open the profile file of the user and thus contact him directly by chat for example.

Inserting external links

In order to refer your users to other web pages or other internal tools, you have the option of inserting hypertext links.

To do this, select the text to which you want to add a link and then select the link button.

It will then be necessary to copy and paste your link in the area indicated for this purpose and click on Add link.

You will thus have the possibility of:

  • Edit link,

  • Untie the link,

  • Open link.

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