Scheduling a post
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You can schedule the sending of a post that you don't want to share instantly.

Scheduling the sending of a post

To schedule a post, you must first create a post.

To do this, go to the news feed and select one of the following icons:

  • new post,

  • new photo gallery,

  • new poll,

  • new checklist.

Once on the draft of your post, fill in the recipients, a title and the desired fields. Then select the Schedule tab.

To schedule your post, you'll need to select a date and time to share your post.

When you click on the Pick a date field, a calendar is displayed to give you visibility over the current month. You can scroll through the following months or go back to previous months using the small arrows at the top right and left of your calendar.

To select a date, simply click on the day of your choice. You can clear this selection using the Clear button at the bottom centre of your calendar. To integrate the current date click on Today and to close the calendar view select Close.

Repeat the same process when entering the post time. A drop-down list will be displayed. Scroll through the list to display the desired time and then click once to select it. You can clear your selection using the Clear button at the very bottom of the drop-down list or select a new one.

Once those two fields have been filled in, the Publish button is replaced by a Schedule button. Click on it to schedule your post.

Find a scheduled post

To find your scheduled posts, simply create a new post from the news feed.

Once you're on the draft of your post, select the blue Scheduled post icon at the top right of your page.

You'll then have access to all the content you have scheduled as well as the date and time of the scheduled post.

You can edit a scheduled post by selecting it. You can then edit the desired fields. To save the changes you've made, click Schedule or click Cancel to return to the original post.

Delete a scheduled post

You can delete the posts you've scheduled by selecting the bin icon.

It disappears from the list of scheduled contents.

Who is this article intended for?

This article is for all users of the platform.

Who can schedule a post?

All users of the platform can schedule a post if they have they've been allowed to by the group manager.

Can I schedule a post on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to schedule a post on all three plans.

Good to know

You can schedule the sending of a draft by simply selecting the draft from the dedicated yellow icon and then assigning the schedule option to it.

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