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You can save the draft of a post you don't want to share instantly.

Saving a draft

To save a draft of a post you want to share, you must first create a post.

To do so, go to the News Feed icon bar and select one of the following icons:

  • Create a new post,

  • Create a new photo gallery,

  • Create a new poll,

  • Create a new check-list.

Once on the draft of your post, fill in the desired fields then click on Save and close to save your draft.

A draft whose title has not been filled in appears with the mention No title.

Find a draft

To find your draft:

  • Create a new post from the news feed icon bar,

  • Select the yellow Drafts icon at the top right of your page.

You'll then have access to all the contents that you saved and not yet published, as well as the date of the last modification.

Select the content you wish to edit by clicking on it.

NB: once the post has been published, it no longer appears in the list of drafts.

Delete a draft

You can delete drafts that you no longer need by selecting the bin icon.

The draft then disappears from the list of contents.

Who can save a draft?

All users of the platform can save and find a draft.

Good to know

  • You're not forced to fill in the title and recipient of your post in order to save it as a draft.

  • You also have the option of saving a draft of a comment that you do not wish to post instantly. To do this, simply fill in the desired text and select Save and close.

The text entered will then be automatically hidden. You can find it again by selecting the Add a comment field.

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