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Customize the onboarding of new users
Customize the onboarding of new users
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When a user logs in for the first time, a welcome message is displayed.

An administrator has the possibility to customize this welcome message.

Define a welcome message

The welcome message can be customized by an administrator who can download different elements such as:

  • an image,

  • a gif,

  • a video message,

  • a document.

To do so, the administrator should go to the Administration, Onboarding message section.

You can preview the changes you set up to save it.

Tip: write a short message outlining your company's objectives in using Talkspirit. You will then be able to communicate the keys to better understand the platform's features.

You can also choose to display this welcome message to guests by activating the Display to guest users option.

NB: you lack inspiration? We offer a default welcome message!

Who can customize the welcome message for new users?

All platform administrators can customize this message from the Administration.

Can we customize the message on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to customize this message with Standard and Premium offers but it is not possible with the Essentials one.

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