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As an administrator, you can edit user information. This information appears on a user's profile page, when you select their profile picture or their name (through the news feed, chat, or user directory).

You can fill in or update user information such as:

  • Contact details (last name, first name, email, telephone, location),

  • Social network links (Twitter, LinkedIn),

  • Professional information (position, company, expertise, hierarchical links),

  • The user's motto and biography.

  • single or multiple value attribute

You can carry this out:

  • For a particular user,

  • For a mass modification.

Modify a user's information

To modify the information of a particular user, go to:

  1. Administration, cogwheel icon in the platform's left side menu bar.

  2. Select Manage Users.

  3. Click on the Member or Guest tab

  4. Click on the Edit information button related to the concerned user.

To quickly find the user whose profile information you wish to change, you can use the search engine.

Bulk update of users

To modify user information in mass,

  1. Go to the Manage users section of the Administration.

  2. Click the Download and Update button

  3. Select Bulk update

  4. Click Download a template file to create a suitable spreadsheet document or select an existing file.

The Excel file template allows you to edit the information related with the users of your platform.

In case there is some information which does not need to be changed, you can simply delete the column. If you keep this column, the update shall replace the value which was originally present in the user's profile, with the new value defined in this spreadsheet document.

Once your document has been modified, all you have to do is save it.

You must then renew your path:

  • From the Manage users tab of the Administration,

  • Select Download and update,

  • Then Bulk update,

  • Then choose an Excel file.

Following which, download the updated spreadsheet document. The update of user information is then automatically launched.

Once the update process has been completed, 3 tabs appear:

  • Done,

  • Ignored,

  • Rejected.

Upload has been done

You will find the number of users impacted by the update, related with the mention Done. This is the number of users for whom profile changes have been made.

Upload has been ignored

You will find the number of users who have not been impacted by the information update, related with the mention Ignored. These are users whose associated fields on the spreadsheet document have not been modified after the update and remain unchanged. Therefore, no modification was taken into account.

Update has been rejected

You will find the number of users related with the mention Rejected, so there was a problem while updating the information.

In case of an issue, contact us on support.

Who can modify user information?

All platform administrators can modify user information.

Can we modify user information on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to modify user information on both plans.

Good to know or tips

It is recommended to back up existing user information before updating items through a mass update.

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