Formatting a post

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You have the possibility to format the body text of your posts and events but also comments you share!

Format a post

To do so, select Create a new post from the News Feed icon bar.

Once on your post, double click on the text you want to format, to bring up the following options (from left to right):

  • bullet list,

  • numbered list,

  • bold,

  • italic,

  • underlined,

  • quote,

  • code,

  • link.

Click on the icon to apply the formatting or insert a link.

Format a comment

To do so, select Add a comment.

While writing your comment, you can double click on the text to bring up the options listed above.

Who can format a contribution?

All users of the platform can format a contribution if they have the publishing permissions defined at group level by a group administrator.

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