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Drives labels
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Drives labels are keywords formatted using a color chip. They allow you to organize your directories and files and give them a particular meaning (a status, a sub-theme, a document type, etc.).

There are 2 types of Drives labels:

  • Group drive labels: they can be assigned to all the files and directories of a group drive only.

  • Organization labels: these can be assigned to all files and directories on all of your group drives.

Group drive labels

Labels created in a group drive help organize the directories and files of that particular drive. The label can then take on different roles. It can constitute:

  • a sub-theme at the drive (ex: …)

  • a processing status (e.g. to be done/in progress/finalised)

  • a typology of documents (e.g. contracts, consultation, legal article, etc.)

This typology of labels is created by the group manager and/or by the members of the group if the administrator has authorized it.

All group members can associate these tags in the group drive.

To learn more, visit this article.

Organization labels or labels available in all group drives

Organization labels are created by an administrator from Platform Administration. These labels allow the administrator to provide a set of keywords that can be used regardless of the group drive concerned. This therefore facilitates research in all drive groups by harmonizing the keywords associated with files and directories on the platform.

These labels are distinguished from the labels created in a particular group drive by the pictogram associated with them (see capture below).

To create an organization label, the administrator must go to Administration > Drives and create the label.

To learn more, visit this article.

Label management is accessible to all members or group managers depending on the rights defined by the administrator or by group managers.

Who can create drive labels?

Good to know

Labels therefore allow you to organize your files and directories and thus facilitate the search for information on the basis of a keyword from the search bar of the drive. But when should you use a group label or an organization label?

Ask yourself the following question: can this keyword be reused in other drives? Do I want to find all the files linked to this keyword regardless of the drive in which it is stored or is this keyword associated with a specific theme that I would only find in this drive in question ?

You identify that you need an organization tag to facilitate searching across different group drives and are not an administrator:contact an administrator of your platform.

To go further

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  • Search Drive via tags.

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