The Home module is an Intranet portal type entry page. It responds to the need to share general information and events in a modern and more editorial format.

Via the rich text editor, it is possible:

Adding text and format it

Add and format your text as you wish via the rich text editor:

  • Bold,

  • italics,

  • underline,

  • strikethrough,

  • numbered and bulleted lists,

  • code snippet.

Simply select the text to be formatted to make the edit bubble appear.

Adding a bulleted or numbered list

To add a bulleted or numbered list, type/ then choose Bulleted List or Numbered List from the drop-down list.

Adding a table

Addng a table

To add a table, type / then choose Table from the drop-down list.

A default table of 2 columns by 2 rows appears.

Editing a table

  1. Adding a column or row

You can add rows and columns by clicking on the + buttons of your choice.

If you want to add a column or row within the table, click on the cursor that follows your mouse in the table.

2. Deleting a column or row

To delete an entire column or row, also click on the cursor associated with the column or row of your choice, then on Delete.

3. Adding content to the board

Like editing the page, via the command/, you can add in a cell of the table in addition to the text:

  • Emoticons (or with the command : )

4. Deleting a table

To delete a table, it is necessary to delete all the rows and columns of the latter manually as explained previously.

Adding emoticons

To add emoticons directly to your page, type / and choose Emoticon from the drop-down list.

Then select the emoticon of your choice from the proposed list.

Tip: you can also use the command : to add emoticons.

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