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The chat allows an exchange in real time with one or more users. In order to easily find your conversations, we will see in this article:

These parameters are unique to each user and do not cannot be configured by administrators at the platform level.

Managing chat Categories

  1. Creating Chat Categories

To allow you to organize your chat rooms as you wish, it is possible to create custom chat categories.

From the Chat module, click on the preferences.

A window opens, offering you:

  • to create a new category to

  • sort your conversations in alphabetical order or by last activities.

Select Add a category then enter the name of the category.

Click on Save to Save your new Category.

This one will appear in the list of Chats room with an empty category message.

2. Deleting Chat Categories

To delete a chat category, click the Open Preferences next to the Filter box.

Then select the trash can related to the chat category you want to delete.

NB: The rooms present in this category will be found in the conversation category.

3. Changing the Order of Chat Categories

To change the order of chat categories, click the Open Preferences next to the Filter box.

Drag and drop by selecting the slider for the category you want to move.

Adding a chat room to a category

To add a chat room to a category, 2 possibilities are available :

  • From the list of chat rooms

  • From the chat room directly

  1. Adding a chat room from the list of rooms.

Click on the chevron associated with the chat room you want to sort, then select Edit Category.

2. Adding a chat room directly from the room.

Go to the chat room you want to categorize, then select the chat category icon next to the name of the room.

Then a window opens, offering you to choose from the existing categories.

Save your changes to save your choice.

The chat room is immediately placed in the desired category in the room list.

Sorting chat rooms alphabetically or by last activity.

You can sort the list of your chat rooms in 2 ways:

  • In order of last activity

  • In alphabetical order

To choose, click on the icon, select the sorting of your choice then save to automatically sort your rooms.

NB: The order defined applies within the categories created. The order of the categories that you have defined is not impacted.

Optimal sorting of your Chat conversations will allow you to streamline your exchanges and easily find the information you need!

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