Sharing a GIF in a videoconference

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Talkspirit allows you to activate a video conferencing service to organize interactive meetings with several participants. Different functionalities are available to interact with the participants.

Find out in this article how to share a GIF during a videoconference.

Sharing a GIF during a videoconference

To do this, simply click on the chevron linked to the Raise hand option and then select the Giphy logo. A window will open where you will search for the GIF of your choice.

Once chosen, click on it, it will appear for a few seconds in place of your camera or profile photo.

⚠️: The display time of a GIF may vary depending on the GIF chosen.

Once the GIF has been sent, it is no longer possible to stop it manually. This will stop automatically.

NB: If the recording of the videoconference is activated, the GIF will also appear in the replay.

GIF sharing cannot be disabled by a moderator.

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