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Update, unpublish or delete a Library page
Update, unpublish or delete a Library page

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The Library is built around main pages and sub-pages. Its content may become outdated over time and should be updated.

Library managers therefore have the option of:

Updating a published page

If your pages require updating, it is possible to make changes to their content without completely unpublishing them. Changes made will be displayed in draft until they are published.

To update a published page, go to the relevant page and click Edit.

You can then proceed to edit the content. Find more information on editing a page from this article.

Once the changes have been made, you can:

  • Publish the page, the new version will then overwrite the old version.

  • Exit edit mode, the changes made will be saved in Draft and the published version will remain visible to users.

The Unpublished Changes message will appear for Library managers to notify them that changes have been made that have not been published.

💡 A manager can find all published articles containing unpublished changes from the module home page.

Unpublish a page

It is possible to unpublish a published page to put it back in draft, and thus make it invisible to users. However, it will remain visible to the module managers.

To unpublish a page, select the 3 dots relating to the page, then click on Unpublish.

The green dot associated with the published status will turn gray to show the draft status.

Deleting a page

To permanently delete a page and all its content, click on the 3 dots associated with the page you wish to delete and click on Delete.

⚠️ Once deleted, the page and its content are not recoverable and will no longer be visible to users.

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