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How to share a newsletter with all platform members
How to share a newsletter with all platform members

This article is for Newsletter managers

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To sum up

The newsletter allows you to promote the posts shared in your public groups: by sending an email to all the platform members.

Administrators designate Newsletter managers. To become a Newsletter manager, it is necessary to be a member of the platform. Guest users cannot be designated as such.

NB: an administrator of the platform is a Newsletter manager by default. He does not need to define himself as such.

Once a the member has become Newsletter manager, a new section appears in the Administration.

Creating, modifying, sending and deleting a newsletter

Newsletter managers have editing rights for all created newsletters. They will be able to:

  • create Newsletters,

  • add content to newsletters,

  • send newsletters,

  • delete Newsletters,

  • follow the activity of the Newsletters.

1. Creating a Newsletter

To create a Newsletter, it is necessary to create a new title in the associated field, then click on Add.

We recommend that you create a short title. Ex: July’s news

NB: you can modify the title of the newsletter later.

2. Adding content

After having created your newsletter, you will have to add content with the edition section that has appeared.

The edition section of the newsletter is divided into 3 main parts:

  • The title of the newsletter, which will be the subject of the email sent,

  • The content of the email,

  • The posts linked to the newsletter

Reminder: to access to the edition section, i.e. the content of the email and the posts you wish to add. It is necessary to have created a title for your newsletter.

The email content area allows you to contextualize the sending of your newsletter with a personalized message via a text area.

Then, simply choose the posts you wish to display in the newsletter by clicking on +Select a post.

A window will appear to help you search for the posts you wish to integrate into your newsletter.

3. Sending a newsletter

Your newsletter is ready? You’ve written all the information you wanted to display and have selected the posts associated?? All you have to do now is send it!

To send a newsletter, click on the Send Newsletter button in the newsletter editing section.

The newsletter will be sent by e-mail to all the members of the platform. Members will receive the newsletter on the e-mail address registered on their account.

NB: Guest users will not receive the newsletter.

4. Deleting a newsletter

To delete the newsletter, click on the trash can icon associated with the newsletter you want to delete.

Following the activity of the newsletter

After sending your newsletter, you will be able to know:

  • How many newsletters have been sent,

  • how many have been opened,

  • the date the newsletter was sent,

  • find the content of the newsletter by clicking on See more.

NB: The number of opened newsletters is counted when the email is opened.

Final visual of the newsletter

After sending your newsletter, all the members of the platform will receive an email. This mail will be composed of:

  • the title of your newsletter in the subject line,

  • the logo of your platform,

  • the first name and last name of the member,

  • the content that you have added,

  • the different posts added and a button for each post to find it in full on the platform.

Who can launch a newsletter?

Only Newsletter managers and the platform administrators are able to manage and send a newsletter.

Can we launch a newsletter on the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to launch a newsletter on both plans.

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