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When a chat message has not been read, a coloured dot associated with the number of new messages appears linked to the chat room. If this dot is green, the user has been mentioned in the conversation. If it is not, the dot is red.

When the chat message has been read, the dot and the associated counter disappear.

It is possible to mark a read message as unread.

To do so, go to the chosen chat and select the message you want to mark as unread.

When hovering over the message, to the right of it, 3 icons appear. Among them, an icon in the shape of a crossed-out eye displaying the words Mark as unread.

To mark the message as unread, you can click on this icon.

Then :

  • a line associated with the mention unread appears and groups all the messages that have been shared after the message you marked as unread.

  • a red dot appears associated with the chat room.

This dot is not associated with a counter as it would be for a chat containing unread messages.

Illustration of the difference between an unread message and a message marked as unread

Once a message is marked as unread, you can leave the chat room. The dot will disappear when you return to the chat room and read the message.

Who can mark a message as unread?

All users of the platform can mark a message as unread from a chat in the Chats menu.

Can I mark a message as unread on the Standard and Premium offers?

It is possible to mark a message as unread on both offers.

Good to know

If you receive a new message in a chat discussion which contains a message marked as unread, then no counter will appear.

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