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Allowing users to pin comments

This article is for the administrators of the platform

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It is possible to pin a comment to highlight its importance. The comment will then appear at the top of the thread.

An administrator of the platform can allow pinning to:

  • the author of the comment, the group administrator and the administrators,

  • to administrators only.

To do this, simply go to the administration, Group settings section.

The administrator will then be able to choose whether to allow pinning of comments to administrators only or to allow pinning to the author of the comment, group administrators and administrators.

If necessary, the administrator will be able to activate the Allow managers to redefine this permission and thus allow group administrators to modify the pinning permissions set at the group level they manage, from the group settings.

Is it possible to allow the pinning of comments on both Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to pin comments on both Standard and Premium offers.

Good to know

Only one comment of the thread can be pinned.

You can't pin comments on private posts (which are addressed to users of the platform and not to a group).

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