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You can :

  • access your coworkers’ calendar,

  • customize your calendar view,

  • synchronize your Google Calendar/Microsoft Outlook calendars with Talkspirit in both ways.

Access your coworkers’ calendar

Thanks to its calendar view, the calendar allows you to view your coworkers' availabilities on the platform:

  • you are an administrator or a member of the platform: you will be able to access the schedule of all the users of the platform.

  • a guest user will be limited to the schedules of users who are members of the same groups as him.

To view your coworkers’ calendar, select the Select a user field and choose the user whose availability you wish to check.

To add the agenda to your calendar, select Add.

You will then see all of the user’s events. If the user has chosen to share their calendar in public mode, then the titles of their events will appear. If not, you can simply see that the user is busy.

Tip: if you have added the agenda of several of your colleagues, you can choose to display the events of one agenda only, quickly. You will need to click on the agenda and then select the Show only this agenda option.

The other calendars in your calendar view will then be automatically unchecked and only the events of the chosen calendar will appear.

You can re-display the different calendars on your calendar by checking the associated boxes.

Customize your calendar view

Choose your groups

It is possible to choose to display only certain groups to which you belong. Then only events from these groups will show up in the Events application.

To do this, select the chevron associated with your calendar and choose Select displayed groups.

You can then select the groups you want to display by selecting the boxes associated with those groups. Don't forget to save your changes.

NB: Thanks to the check all/uncheck all options, you can quickly select all the boxes associated with your groups. Your favorite groups will be displayed in the list first.

Choose the color of the agendas displayed on your calendar

By selecting the drop down arrow associated with a user's agenda, you can choose the color of the agenda from a list of predefined colors or choose a color of your choice. All the events linked to this agenda will then appear in this color.

Synchronize events from your personal agenda to Talkspirit and vice versa

You can synchronize events from your personal agenda with Talkspirit. To import these events, select the arrowhead associated calendar and then choose Synchronize calendar.

You will then be asked to synchronize your Talkspirit calendar with a Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Once the external calendar is selected, you must:

  • choose to which services Talkspirit will have access (as illustrated below),

  • agree to synchronize the data from one calendar to the other.

It may take a few seconds to load the information.

Once the information has been loaded, you can choose to display the information publicly or privately.

In private mode, only the word "busy" will appear for users accessing your schedule. They will then be able to find out about your availability without having access to the details of your appointments.

However, your events will appear as they are in the calendar that you have synchronized from your calendar view.

You can also allow them to see your meetings’ title by making these events publicly available. Users accessing your calendar will therefore be able to access the information you have entered in your Google or Outlook calendar.

NB: you can only synchronize one calendar with Talkspirit for all suppliers. You can synchronize a Google calendar or an Outlook calendar but you cannot integrate the two.

By synchronizing your Outlook/Google Calendar on Talkspirit you synchronize events in both directions. Events from your personal calendars will automatically integrate with the Talkspirit calendar and Talkspirit events will also integrate with your personal calendar.

Can I use these new features on the Standard and Premium plans?

The Events view is available on all three plans: it is therefore possible to use these new features on each plan.

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