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Talkspirit offers the possibility for users who do not speak the same language to communicate.

This option can be activated by an administrator. Once the option activated, a Translate button will appear if the message language is not the one you use on Talkspirit.

As a reminder, you can select 8 different languages on Talkspirit:

  • French,

  • English,

  • Spanish,

  • German,

  • Italian,

  • Dutch,

  • Polish,

  • Portuguese.

Enable translation on the fly

Only an administrator can activate the translation of content on the fly.

To do so, he/she must go to the Administration, Newfeed section and activate the option Enable translation of posts and comments.

Once the platform is activated, all content shared in a language other than the one set on the user's platform will display the Translate button.

By clicking on this button, the user can translate the body text of the post.

NB: titles and functionalities associated with a post (checklist, polls, visuals) won't be translated.

To return to the original post, the user will simply have to select the button again.

Who can enable a translation on the fly?

Only administrators can enable this translation from the Administration.

Can I enable this translation on the fly with the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

The translation option isn't available on the Essentials plan. You must subscribe to a paid plan (Standard or Premium) to activate this option.

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