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Differences between assigning and mentioning
Differences between assigning and mentioning
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While an action is expected from an assigned user, the mention is used to give an additional importance to a post.

Similarities between mentioning and assigning

Mention and assignment are two options that allow you to notify your employees and help them in taking information.

These options both generate a bell notification to the user concerned and may also be subject to email notification if this has been enabled by the user in the Notifications section of the User Profile and Preferences tab.

Differences between mentioning and assigning

Mention and assignment are however not used in the same cases.

The mention

Overall, the mention will highlight an important piece of information among all those published to encourage your coworkers to inform themselves on a subject. You can mention a user or the entire group.

It is not possible to find all the posts in which a user has been mentioned because the purpose served here is momentary. Once the information has been seen and read by the user, the mention is no longer relevant. More information on the mention in this article.

The assignment

Assignment allows a user to be notified when an action is expected from him/her. Unlike the mention option, it is not possible to assign all members of a group at once. More information on the assignment in this article.

It is possible to find all the posts a user has been assigned to from the Assigned to Me tab or from the News Feed search bar.

The objective here is to have visibility on the tasks you still have to perform. You can unassign yourself at any time to posts which will then no longer appear in this tab.

Who can assign and mention?

All users can assign and mention. While it is essential to have publish and comment permissions in a group to mention users, it is still possible to assign a user without these permissions.

To assign a user without these permissions, select the + tab at the bottom right of the post and click Assign Users.

Can we assign and mention on the Standard and Premium offer?

It is possible to assign and mention users on both plans.

Good to know

The mention is generally used to highlight content that you share (dates, events, key figures, good practices...). The mention helps you ensure that the people concerned are aware of the information you're sharing.

Thanks to the mention, you can also:

  • highlight one or more people in your post,

  • remind users an action is awaiting for them on a topic from the comments field.

Assignment, on the other hand, is used when you assign a task or mission to a user of the platform. It can be useful to define the next actions to be implemented and their actors (in a checklist for example).

Once a task has been completed, it is possible to unassign oneself so that only the current tasks appear.

You can assign yourself a task that needs to be completed to be easily found from the News Feed and then unassign yourself once the task has been completed.

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