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Are OfficeNow documents compatible with Microsoft Office?

Yes, you can open your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint documents in OfficeNow to read and edit them.

You can also export or download OfficeNow documents, spreadsheets and presentations to the corresponding Microsoft formats.

How do I open or import a Microsoft Office document to work together in OfficeNow?

To open a document in Microsoft format and work with others in OfficeNow, load it into the file space of the group you want to share it with and click on the document. The document will open in OfficeNow.

What is the compatibility with documents and word processors on the market?

OfficeNow is compatible with .doc, .docx, .dotx, .odt, .ott, .rtf, .txt, .pdf, .pdf/a, .html, .epub, .xps, .djvu

Please see the OfficeNow document presentation for a detailed response.

I cannot save my document, the diskette cannot be activated.

OfficeNow automatically saves your changes to the document. There is no need to save your changes.

The visible diskette or the Save link from the Files menu are only activated when there are several of you online on the same document AND when the Strict Co-Edit mode is activated. These two conditions must be met in order to save your changes. Learn more about collaborating on the document.

I can't click on any icon

It can be 2 situations:

  • You are in read-only mode on the document. This document belongs to an open group in your organization and you are not a member of that group. You can therefore access it but cannot modify it.


  • The connection with the online document has been lost (often due to a lack of internet connection). Reload the page to resolve this.

What's next for OfficeNow?

Please see the section: Access OfficeNow, to identify upcoming developments.

How much does the OfficeNow office suite cost?

The standard features of the OfficeNow suite are included in the monthly or annual license.

Advanced and premium features will be available soon. Please see the Access OfficeNow section for more information or contact us.

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