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You can, from the Apps > Apps directory section, configure a directory of all the official applications of your organisation.

This directory will list all the external official applications members can use.

You can configure this directory either manually ou with a SSO provider.

Manual configuration

If ou want to choose manually the list of apps (or if your organisation does not use a SSO provider talkspirit integrates with), you must select the "Default" provider.

A popup will be opened. And you will be able to choose the apps your organisation uses amongst more than 1500 predefined apps.

You can also choose to add custom apps by giving:

  • a title

  • a description

  • a url

  • a picture

Once the directory is defined, you can close the popup and activate it.

Configuration with SSO

If your organisation uses an identity provider which allow you to manage the apps users can access (like Okta), you can select this provider instead of the default one.

You can then configure the keys to access this provider.

Thus, when a user will be connected to talkspirit via the SSO, the apps directory will automatically get the app list from the provider and display it on talkspirit.

Members access

When an apps directory is configured and activated, members can see a new link in the navigation sidebar called "Organisation apps".

Nb : guests cannot see this directory.

By clicking this link, a panel will be opened. By default, this panel lists all the configured and activated applications of the administrator.

The member can create his own list by selecting the apps he uses amongst the official list.

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