Using #hashtags
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The hashtags allow you to organise your content according to keywords.

To create a hashtag, type # in front of your keyword:

  • in your posts,

  • in your comments

Once the hashtag has been created, you'll be able to find it when writing your post or from the comments field. The keyword will display a link.

Click on this link to find all contents with this hashtag or search it from the news feed.

To do this, select #hashtag from the News Feed search bar and enter the keyword to find all the posts associated with it.

NB: the list of hashtags proposed to user A when writing a post or a comment is built on all the hashtags created on the platform by all users of the platform, even if user A does not have access to the posts linked to this hashtag.

However, when user A searches for posts linked to this hashtag from the search bar, he'll only have access to the posts of the groups of which he's a member.

Apostrophes are not taken into account in hashtags.

Who is this article for?

This article is for all users of the platform.

Who can use hashtags?

All users of the platform can use hashtags if they've publishing permissions on a group level.

Can hashtags be used on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to use hashtags on all three plans.

Good to know

Avoid multiplying occurrences of the same word by choosing an already existing keyword.

One practice is to add one or more hashtags at the end of your post to facilitate access by other members. This practice is popular on social networks among the general public and can be reproduced on your Talkspirit platform.

Keywords associated

Keyword, post, comment, news feed.

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