Working with labels
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Labels are keywords formatted with the use of different colors which enable a specific meaning to be given to posts (e.g. a stage or a status). Each group can have its own labels.

By default, all members can create labels within a group. This privilege may be modified by an administrator or a group manager (see our article on managing labels).

Posts with one or more labels will display one or more round colored tabs. The label's signification appears when the cursor hovers over it.

Creating a new label

If your group privileges allow it, you can create new labels directly from the selection menu of labels to add to your post.

  • Click on the chevron of the post and click on Labels


  • Click on the + Labels input then on Create new label link

  • In the window that appears, name you new label and choose a color

  • Click on Create

Adding or deleting post labels

It's possible to add one or more labels to a post after the content has been posted. All of a group's members can add labels to a post or edit a post's existing labels.

  • Click on the chevron in the upper right-hand corner of the post and select Labels

  • Add new labels by clicking on the + Labels input and select the label to add to your post

  • Clink on the cross icon to delete a label

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