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You can send emails to your Talkspirit groups. More information in this article.

What is the email integration?

The email integration allows you to associate an email address to a group. Any email sent to this address will appear as a post in the group.

If a file is attached to the email, it will appear as an attachment to the post.

NB: the attachment must not exceed 5 MB to be attached to the post.

How to identify a post from an email

You can identify that a post is associated to an email you've received, when the author of the contribution is displayed as an email address.

You'll also find a mail icon associated with your post.

Who can add an email integration?

Any user of the platform can add an integration to a group if this option has been enabled by an administrator or a group manager (depending on the permissions set). Read more about adding and removing integrations here.

What does the feature look like on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to integrate emails on all three plans. However, there's a limit to the number of integrations added to the platform on the Essentials and Standard plans. The Essentials plan limits the number of integrations to the platform to 3 while the Standard plan limits these integrations to 10.

How do I get access?

You can add a service to a group from the Administration, in the Third Party Apps section select Integrations.

To add an email integration to a group, select the email service and click Add. You can then choose to add it to an existing group or choose to create a new group dedicated to receiving these emails.

Enter an informative title (which is equivalent to what will appear in the recipient field of a draft email when someone writes to you) and click Add.

An email address is then automatically generated. Each email received at this address will appear in the news feed of your group.

Manage the integration

Forgot your email address? Find it by selecting the cogwheel icon in the Integrations section.

You will be able to see how many email integrations have been activated on the platform and remove the ones you want to remove. Select the gear icon and click on the Remove trash icon to do so.


Make sure that the emails received in the group are consistent with the content and objectives of the group.

It is possible to set up an automated system from your email account that allows you to send emails directly to a group according to certain criteria.

Idea of use: the email integration can be the opportunity to highlight a newsletter in a communication group.

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