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Notifications appear when you are logged on the platform: check out some more information on these notifications and their purpose in this article.

Different types of notifications

When you are connected to the platform, several notifications may appear to inform you on the content sharing, a reaction to a share, a discussion, an event or a comment.

There are several types of notifications:

  • Notifications related to a group's news feed,

  • Bell notifications,

  • The disk tab,

  • Chat notifications.

Who can receive a notification?

All platform users can receive notifications.

How the feature looks on the Standard and Premium offer?

It is possible to receive notifications on both offers.

The news feed notifications

When a contribution (post, event) is shared within a group, a colored disk related to the group appears.

This disk notifies you that you have not yet seen this post. When you find out about this sharing, it disappears.

To help you distinguish a new post from an old one, the mention "NEW" is associated with new contributions.

Note: when you want to get information from time to time about the group’s content but do not wish to be notified about the posts within this group, you have the option of activating the Unfollow option.

The shared posts in this group will no longer appear in your news feed, but you can still access the content by going to the concerned group.

Bell notifications

You shall receive these bell notifications in the following cases:

If you are an administrator, you will receive the same notifications as a member but also notifications when:

  • A new user has just signed up to the platform,

  • A user has refused the invitation to join the platform.

You are a group admin, when:

  • A user requests access to a private group.

You are a member, when:

  • A user mentions you,

  • A user mentions all the members of a group,

  • A user assigns you a contribution,

  • A user likes one of your contributions,

  • A new open group has been created,

  • A private group has opened up,

  • A user grants you admin rights,

  • A poll for which you are the author receives a vote,

  • A group admin adds you to the group,

  • Your request for access to a private group has been accepted,

  • An event you are attending is about to take place.

The disk tab

A colored disk appears on your page tab, when you receive new messages.

Chat notifications

When you receive a chat message, a notification is displayed on your bot footer but also on the platform’s left side of the menu bar.

These encrypted notifications give you the number of discussions for which you haven’t read the new messages.

Note: when you want to deactivate notifications related to a chat room, you can do so by selecting the Mute this room option in the chat settings.

Good to know

It is key to define the rules related to your notifications. If there aren’t many notifications, you could miss out on an important post. Too many notifications may on the contrary burden you with information and hide the visibility of essential shares at your work.

To configure your notifications, all you need to do is go to the menu Profile and Preferences of the platform, in the Notifications section. You can then activate or deactivate the notifications of your choice but also define time slots for activity and disconnection.

You have the option of marking all of your notifications on the platform as read, by selecting the Mark everything as read option.

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