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Mentioning a member/all group members
Mentioning a member/all group members
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You have the possibility to mention a user when you share a post. By mentioning a user of the platform you generate a notification to your coworker which gives your sharing an additional importance.

You can mention a user:

  • in a post,

  • in a comment

  • in a group discussion in the chat.

In a post

Once you've entered the recipients and the title of your post, you have the possibility to mention users by entering the @ character in the text of your post.

In the case of a private post, you may only mention the recipients of your post. In the case of a post to a group, all members of the group may be mentioned.

You can also mention all members of a group by entering @Group or @all.

NB: the mention option is not available when editing a post.

In a comment

You also have the possibility to mention a user from the comments field. However, you'll only be able to mention the recipients of the post.

In a group discussion in the chat

You have the possibility to mention a user from a group chat if you wish to address a particular person in a discussion with several participants.

You'll only be able to mention users who belong to the chat room.

As in a post, you can choose to mention one or more users or all the members of the group by selecting the @group mention.

NB: a mention from a chat room doesn't generate a bell notification. You'll receive a chat notification similar to other messages.

If you've activated notifications for this type of messages from the Notifications section of the User profile and preferences menu, you'll receive a notification from your browser.

Who is this article for?

This article is for all users of the platform.

Who can use it?

All users of the platform have the possibility to use the mention option according to the posting and commenting permissions defined in the group.

Can we mention on the Essentials, Standard and Premium offers?

It is possible to mention a user on three plans.

Good to know

The mention is generally used to highlight content that you share (dates, events, key figures, good practices...). It provides an additional opportunity to ensure that the people concerned are aware of the information you're sharing.

Thanks to the mention, you can also:

  • put one or more people forward when sharing your post,

  • remind users an action awaits for them on a topic from the comments field.

Users mentioned in a group they don't have access to, won't be notified.

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