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The shared agenda allows you to quickly organize appointments with other users, check their availability and also create and participate in group events.

It is possible to choose whether to display on your calendar the group events in which you do not participate.

Access the group calendar

Quickly find events in open, private, and secret groups you're a member of.

To view the agenda of your groups, select the Select a calendar field and choose the group whose events you want to know.

To add a group calendar to your calendar, click on select .

To add a group calendar to your calendar, click on Add .

You then view all the events of this group.

Tip: if you have added the calendar of several groups, you can choose to display the events of only one group, quickly. You will then have to select the calendar concerned and then select the option Show only this calendar.

The other calendars in your calendar view will then be automatically unchecked and only the events of the calendar concerned will appear.

You can re-display the different agendas on your calendar by checking the associated boxes.

Good to know :

If you want to set up a room reservation system, create a group dedicated to a room. Your users will be able to create a first event with the room as a guest and then create a second event with the meeting participants.

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