See who read a chat message in a room
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The chat allows a real-time exchange with one or more participants.

A chat discussion is intended to be ephemeral and does not fulfill the same role as sharing on the news feed.

It is possible to know who has read a chat message:

  • in a room with multiple users

  • in a room linked to a group

See who has read a message

When a message is sent in a chat conversation, you have the possibility to know the readers of this message. One of yours or that of another member.

To do this, place your mouse cursor on the level of the message that interests you and click on the 3 vertical dots other actions, then select View readers.

The list of members of the conversation who have read your message then appears in a window.

Good to know :

  • If the red dot appears on the last message you sent, then all the members of the conversation have read your message.

  • If you're in a chat with more than 100 members, this feature isn't available.


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