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Share your screen on the videoconference
Share your screen on the videoconference

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Talkspirit allows you to activate a video conferencing service to organize interactive meetings with several participants. Different functionalities are available to interact with the participants.

Find out in this article how to:

Sharing your screen

You can present a document or other element essential to the good understanding of the meeting thanks to the screen sharing function.

To do this, click on the Enable/Disable screen sharing button.

Your screen share will therefore appear as a new box next to your camera.

To deactivate screen sharing, click again on the Activate/Deactivate screen sharing button

Choose the quality of screen sharing

You have the option of choosing the quality of your screen sharing. You can thus display the screen split at:

  • 5 frames/second (lowest quality),

  • 15 frames/second (medium quality),

  • 30 frames/second (high quality).

Depending on the manipulations and actions you want to share, you can choose how fast you want your screen sharing to go. By default, screen sharing is done at 5 frames per second.

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