Managing the Library module

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Managing the Library module


The Library module allows you to centralize all of your organization's important informations and contents in a shared knowledge base.

This module is managed by Library managers appointed by platform administrators from the Administration.

Enable the Library module

To enable the Library module, go to the Administration, Library tab and click on Enable Library.

Once activated, you can:

  • Define the Library module as your homepage,

  • Enable guests to access the Library module,

  • choose library managers.

💡 The library allows you to address different audiences. Thanks to that, library managers will be able to choose to share an article to some users only. In the case that a user is not addressed with an article, the library access button won’t be visible.

Choose Library managers

Choose the manager(s) who will be able to edit and manage the Library module.

To choose the library managers:

  • select the manager(s) from the drop-down list

  • then click on Save.

NB: an administrator is not a Library manager by default. If he or she wants to manage the module, he or she must also designate himself/ herself as the Library manager.

Once appointed as Library Manager, they will be able to manage all the contents of the library, i.e:

  • Creating pages and subpages

  • Editing pages

  • Deleting pages

  • Updating content

  • Managing the library's home page

Tip: define the role of each Module manager in advance to avoid duplicate content.

Setting Library as default page

Once the Library is activated, it can be set as the default page when users log in.

To do this, in the library administration, you can check the option.

NB: if this setting is not activated, and if other modules are not defined as homepage, the default page displayed after the user logs in to the platform will be the news feed.

Enabling guests access to the Library module

It is possible to give guests access to the entire content of the Library module.

To do this, enable the option in the settings of the library module.

⚠️ By enabling this option, all guests on your platform will have access to the module.

Disabling the Library

Similar to enabling the module, only the platform administrator has the ability to disable the Library Module.

You can deactivate the Library module from the Library section of the Administration.

NB: by deactivating the Library module, all pages and drafts will be saved as well as the list of managers.

Is it possible to activate the Library module on my platform?

Contact us so that we can activate the Library module on your platform.

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The Library module

Managing the Library module


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