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The Library

This article is for all the administrators of the platform

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This module allows you to find all the useful resources of your organization to help you in your daily tasks.

It is managed by the Library managers, appointed by the platform administrators from the Administration.

Accessing the Library and its content

To be accessible to users, the Library must be activated from the Administration by an administrator.

Once activated, a new Library tab appears on the left. Simply select it to access the module.

Displaying or finding information

It is possible to find information :

  • from the home page

  • from the main pages, which are similar to the main categories of articles

  • from the search engine

1.Displaying information from the Library home page

This is the first view displayed when you click on the Library menu.

This page displays different sections of:

  • the main pages pinned by the Library manager(s)

  • the last created/modified pages

  • a search engine

2.Displaying information from the Library pages

On the left side of the module, you will find:

  • The main pages

  • The sub-pages

The main pages can be considered as large categories of articles or themes. These main pages can contain sub-themes in the form of sub-pages. In this case, they are associated with a chevron.

3. Displaying information via the search engine

From the Home tab of the Library, you can find the information of your interest by searching from the search engine integrated in the module.

If you already know the Title of the main page you are looking for, it is also possible to search it directly from the Filter text bar.

💡It is possible to filter by main pages title only. Filtering by subpages or keywords is not possible.

Good to know:

The Library allows you to easily and quickly find the information you need.

You can't find an information or want to suggest an improvement on a page? Do not hesitate to contact a manager of the Library module on this subject.

You can find the last author of a page from the article and then contact him/her directly from the user directory.

Who can access the Library?

All members of the platform can access the Library.

Guests can access the module according to the settings chosen by the platform administrators.

The Library managers will then be able to restrict guest access on a per-page basis.


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