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The live video evolves!

With this module:

  • lead interactive webinars by collaborating on whiteboard or documents of your choice,

  • build collaborative notes,

  • share live polls to gather opinions and vote for your preferred proposals,

  • create breakout sessions to explore topics of your choice.

These webinars can be recorded and retrieved from a dedicated section.

Create a Livenow meeting

To start a Livenow webinar, go to the Events menu and create a new event.

You will then need to select Generate a live video link. The creator of the meeting is by default the presenter. However, he can choose to appoint other presenters to the meeting.

What is a presenter?

The presenter can join the meeting more than 10 minutes before the event. Attendees will only be able to log in 10 minutes before the event.

During the conference, the presenter will be able to:

  • create surveys and choose to share the results with participants,

  • create sub-meetings of the main meeting,

  • manage participants' interactions (mute a participant, exclude a participant from the meeting, grant presenter rights)

  • change the document presented.

As a presenter, you can choose to attach a document on which you can work collaboratively by selecting the Attach a document option.

Note: By default, we offer a whiteboard slide.

The presenter can click on the More options button and choose:

  • activate or not the video recording by default at the opening of the conference,

  • allow the camera for presenters only,

  • mute the users' microphone by default at the start of the conference.

Click on Publish to create the event and make the live video link available to participants. You can then join the discussion 10 minutes before the event starts, by clicking on the dedicated link.

Present and collaborate on a whiteboard

You can work on a blank slide that we provide by default.

The presenter can activate the multi-user mode to allow all participants to edit this view.

Present and collaborate on documents of your choice

The presenter can add the documents of his choice to allow participants to work on them in co-edition.

To do so, he/she must select the + and then choose Manage presentation documents.

You will then have to import the selected document and choose Download.

Chat with exchange participants

You can share messages in a public chat channel, but you can also start a private conversation with a participant by scrolling down to the user's minitiature options in the leftmost section of the tool.

Share collaborative notes

You can take notes during the meeting from a Shared Notes section. Participants can co-edit these notes in real time.

Note: we recommend that you export your collaborative notes before ending the meeting to keep them in the format of your choice.

Otherwise, they will not be saved automatically.

Share live polls to gather opinions and vote for your preferred proposals

The webinar presenter can create polls. To do so, simply click on the + and then choose the option Launch Poll.

You will need to select a question and choose the type of poll you wish to submit.

You can then share the survey with all participants.

The survey results are not automatically made public. However, the presenter can choose to present them to participants by selecting the dedicated option.

Create sub-meetings within the main meeting to go deeper into topics of your choice

The presenter can create sub-meetings to allow participants to go deeper into a topic, for example to work on workshops.

To do so, he/she must select the Create private meetings option and then choose how long these sub-meetings will remain open. At the end of this time, participants in these sub-meetings will be automatically redirected to the main meeting.

The presenter must choose which participants will attend which sub-meetings. However, it is possible to perform this action randomly.

Once the various parameters have been entered, select Create. The participants are then automatically placed in these sub-meetings for the allotted time.

Record the webinar

It is possible to record the webinars you launch. The recording will automatically start when the first participant logs in, if the option was enabled by the presenter when creating the event.

If this option is not enabled by default, presenters of the conference can start the live video recording by selecting a dedicated Start Recording button.

Once all users have left the discussion or the presenter has ended the meeting, the recording can be retrieved from a dedicated Recordings section of the drive.

Who can join Livenow?

Anyone with an account on a Premium platform and with the live video link can join the exchanges.

Can we use live video on the Standard and Premium plans?

Livenow will only be available on the Premium plan. It is not possible to use the Livenow module with the Standard plan.

Good to know

The live video link is accessible until 12:00 pm after the end of the webinar. After this time, it will no longer be possible to join the conference.

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