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You can allow users to publish and comment posts under a name other than their own.

They'll be able to publish and comment posts using a company profile (named according to a department, a committee,...). Those company profiles need to be created from the administration.

Creating a company profile

To create a company profile, go to the Manage Users section and select the Company Profile tab.

You can then create a new company profile by choosing a dedicated button. Fill in:

  • a title,

  • a description,

  • a profile picture,

  • the users who can publish under the profile.

Select create to create the new profile.

NB: it is important to associate a meaningful title and image to the profile in order to clarify the sharing of information to the platform's users.

Once the profile is created, users can choose to publish a post or share a comment under their name or the company profile.

There is no limit to the number of profiles a user can belong to.

Who can create company profiles?

Only administrators can create company profiles from the administration.

Can I create company profiles on both the Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to create company profiles on both plans.

Good to know

You can distinguish a personal profile from a company profile by the shape of the photo thumbnail. While a personal profile is displayed as a circle, a company profile is displayed as a square.

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