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Read and share a voice message on mobile
Read and share a voice message on mobile

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Voice messages are now available on the Talkspirit mobile application!

You can now:

  • Record voice messages from the chat,

  • Read the voice messages sent by users.

Recording voice messages on your mobile phone

You can record voice messages on Talkspirit:

  • from the mobile application,

  • from your browser.

To do so, you just have to go to the Chats tab of your mobile and select the microphone icon located on the right of the Type your message field.

NB: it is necessary to keep your finger pressed on the microphone icon to record the message.

You can start recording the voice message. The microphone button will appear (in order of appearance, from left to right) associated with:

  • the recording time of the voice message,

  • a bin icon associated with the message Drag to delete.

Validate/cancel the voice message

Validate the voice message to be sent

To validate the voice message to be sent, you just have to release the microphone button.

The message is then automatically sent to the chat room.

Cancel the voice message

To cancel a voice message, simply slide your finger to the left, in the direction of the bin icon.

The message is then deleted before it is sent.

Delete voice messages

It is possible to delete voice messages that you have shared in the chat. To do so, you just have to:

  • select the message,

  • click on Delete.

The message will appear deleted to all participants in the chat room.

Read voice messages shared by users

When a voice message is shared in the chat room, it appears associated with a Start button located on the very left of the message.

It is necessary to click on the button to start listening to the message.

NB: once the message is played, you can drag the cursor on the right of the voice message to advance in the playback.

Who can record and playback voice messages?

All users of the platform can share a chat message.

Is it possible to record and read voice messages on the Essentials, Standard and Premium plans?

It is possible to record voice messages on all Talkspirit plans.

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