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The mobile application will allow you to communicate and collaborate on the go. Exchange messages from the chat or join your meetings in videoconferences, wherever you are!

  • To download the iOS mobile application, go to this page.

  • To download the Android mobile application, go to this page.

Thanks to the mobile application, access quickly and easily from one functionality to another.

The mobile application displays 3 to 5 tabs: the administrators can customize the tabs displayed to the users of their platform.

Find more information in this article.

Presentation of the different sections of the mobile application

An administrator of the platform can choose to display 1 to 3 menus on the mobile application. Those menus can be chosen from the following list:

  • the Newsfeeds,

  • the Chats,

  • the Drives,

  • the Events,

  • the user directory,

  • the groups directory.

NB: the Notifications and Menu sections cannot be removed from this list and will be systematically accessible to all users.

The newsfeeds lists all the posts of the groups you belong to.

From this tab, you can share information in your groups. It can be media stored on your mobile or any other information related to the group.

This information may be shared on your own behalf or on behalf of an entity if an administrator has given you this right.

The Chats section lists all the chat discussions exchanged with the platform's users. You can easily launch a videoconference by selecting the dedicated icon from the chat to exchange live with your coworkers.

The Drives menu will allow you to access your document storage space and view the documents shared there from anywhere.

The Events section will allow you to access all the appointments in your calendar but also to create new events. From this view, you will be able to join your Livenow webinars by simply clicking on the link displayed in the event!

On your mobile, with the Users section, you can also find the users directory. From this directory, you will be able to find the right contact and start the exchanges!

The Groups tab allows you to access the groups directory of your platform and thus join groups, create new ones or simply access the groups you already belong to.

The Notifications tab lists all the notifications received on the platform. You can define a time slot on which you will receive your mobile notifications: after this time slot, notifications will automatically be stopped, allowing you to disconnect!

From the Menu section you can set up your mobile notifications but also contact us from the Help section! You'll find all the apps the administrator did not chose to display on the navigation bar.

  • To download the iOS mobile application, go to this page.

  • To download the Android mobile application, go to this page.

Our teams are constantly working to improve our mobile applications. If you want to have a preview of the new features, test the applications! To do so, please contact the support team.

And for the more curious: find all the improvements we are making to the iOS application by following the application release notes and on Android with the application release notes.

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