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Define user profile information
Define user profile information

This article is aimed at platform administrators

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When a user joins the platform, they are asked to fill in some profile information.

Once this information has been entered, it appears on its file. All you need to do is click on a user's profile picture, so that you can access their profile file and display the information which has been provided.

A platform administrator can customize the information that a user needs to provide.

To do so, you must go to the Administration, and Users settings section.

Following which, you can manage all the existing fields by default and create new ones by selecting the Manage fields button.

Manage fields

By selecting Manage fields, you are able to display a view which gathers all the information fields, that may exist on the platform.

Note: an attribute is an information field, which needs to be filled out and shall appear on the user profile page. After creating the attribute, you can choose where you want it to appear on the page.

From the Users settings tab of the Administration, you can:

  • create a new attribute,

  • lock an existing attribute,

  • make an existing attribute mandatory.

You can configure the information fields you want to set up, through this view.

Note: it is only possible to create new attributes through this view. You can only add existing attributes from other sections.

  1. Create a new field

If the information fields created by default do not correspond to the information you want to see on the profiles of your users, you can create new ones.

To do so, it is essential to name this field, then select the type of response that the user will have to fill in:

You will then need to give more information to users to help them understand what information should be entered in the related field. To do so , write a short description then select + Add.

The attribute will then appear from the Profile and User Preferences section, Information section.

The description entered previously will allow the user to understand which information needs to be entered in the related field.

2. Modify the created field

You can also modify an attribute that you have created through this view. All you need to do is select the pencil icon: you can then edit the field name and its description.

To save the changes which have been made, select Save. To cancel the changes which have been made, select Cancel.

3. Delete a field

You can delete an attribute that you have created by selecting the trash icon.

Removing an attribute deletes the concerned field from the user profile file but also from the Information section of the Profile and Preferences menu, which allows platform users to enter this information..

A pop-up window shall appear, all you need to do is confirm the deletion by selecting Confirm.

4. Lock a field

You can choose to lock a field by selecting the Locked mention related to the attribute: this way, users can’t edit this field from the Profile and Preferences menu.

Once the field has been locked, it appears grayed-out to the user. When the user moves his cursor over the locked field, a forbidden direction icon appears to point out that it isn’t possible to carry out a modification.

Note: an administrator does not have more rights than a member or a guest. A locked field cannot be modified by the administrator , through the Profile and Preferences menu.

The latter must go to the Administration, Users settings section, to unlock the attribute and allow all platform users to fill in this field again.

5. Make a field mandatory

To make an attribute mandatory, go to Administration, Manage profile of users section then select Manage attributes.

You can then turn an existing attribute into a mandatory field which needs to be completed or create a new attribute that you can make mandatory.

You can choose to make a field mandatory by selecting the Mandatory statement, which is related to the attribute: users must fill out this field from the Profile and Preferences menu and will be notified if it hasn’t been filled out.

Users will receive a banner notification encouraging them to complete this mandatory field. The user can then close the banner or go to the Profile and preferences menu view, to complete this field.

If the banner has been closed, it will reappear each time the page is refreshed until the relevant section has been updated.

Moreover, if you fill in all of your profile information from the tab Information from the Profile and preferences menu, you will need to fill in this mandatory field, to save the information which has been entered. Otherwise, it won’t be saved and the error message: The field is mandatory will appear related to the relevant section.

Organize the place of fields on the user's profile page

When you have configured the fields you want a user to fill in, you must choose:

  • What information you want to see on the user's profile,

  • Where should this information appear on the profile page, once completed by the user.

A profile page is defined in 3 zones:

  • the profile photo zone,

  • the main zone of the profile,

  • the contact zone of the profile.

You can also customize the information which is displayed on a user's profile card through the user directory.

Image zone for profile

You have the option of choosing the fields displayed on the user's file in the profile image. You can find this below the user's profile picture.

Only 2 fields can appear. Thus, it is necessary to choose two sections among the set of attributes which have been created. However, it is possible to modify the fields which are displayed by default from the Administration, section Users settings.

To do so, simply select the drop-down list related to a field to display all the attributes which have already been created. You will then be able to choose the attribute you wish to see displayed in the profile picture. All you have to do is click on Save, to save the changes..

Main zone for profile

You have the option of choosing the fields displayed on the user's page in the main area. This is the area between the profile image zone and the profile contact zone.

1. Add a new field

You can add a new attribute through this view, by selecting New Attribute.

It should be noted that you can only add an attribute which has already been created through the Manage fields section.

You just need to display the drop-down list, then click on Save to save your changes.

2. Modify fields

You can modify an attribute from the section by displaying the drop-down list, by selecting another attribute and then saving your modifications.

3. Modify the order of fields

You can choose the order of how the attributes appear on the profile page, by selecting the three dots icon and dragging the section to the desired position.

Don't forget to save your changes to confirm this order.

4. Delete an field

You can remove the attribute from a section by selecting the cross icon. It is possible to delete all the fields through this area.

All you need to do is save the changes.

Contact zone for profile

You have the option of choosing the fields which are displayed on the user's file in the profile contact area. This area is under the Contact details.

Just like the main profile area, it is possible for an admin to modify the attributes which are displayed in the contact area.

Therefore, it is also possible to add a new attribute, modify existing attributes, modify the order on how the fields may appear or delete these fields.

Directory profile identity card

As the administrator, you can choose the two fields which are displayed on a user's profile through the user directory.

From the Users settings section through the Administration, you can choose the two fields that shall appear on a user's card, when they have filled out their information.

Just like with the previous sections, you will be able to modify the attribute. However, you will not be able to add or remove a field.

Who can manage the fields of user files?

Only platform administrators can configure these information fields.

Can we manage the fields of user files on the Essentials, Standard and Premium offers?

It is not possible to manage the attributes of the profile pages on the Essentials plan, but this is possible through the Standard and Premium offers.

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