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Deactivate the spell checker on the browser
Deactivate the spell checker on the browser
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The spell checker that appears in the contents of your Talkspirit messages is a setting of your web browser.

It is possible to enable or disable the spell checker from your browser, as it may affect the writing of your talkspirit posts and chat discussions.

More information on how to use the following browsers can be found in this article:

  • Google Chrome,

  • Microsoft Edge,

  • Safari,

  • Mozilla Firefox.

Who can activate the browser's spell checker?

All users of the platform can activate or deactivate the spell checker in their browser.

On Google Chrome

To turn on spell checker on Google Chrome:

  • click on the Customise and control Google Chrome button at the top right of your page,

  • and then select Settings.

A Settings page opens. Display the advanced settings and select Languages.

You then have the option of disabling the spell checker, which then changes from blue to grey. Click again from this view to reactivate it.

When the spell checker is enabled, you have the option to enable Basic Spell Check or Enhanced Spell Check.

This enhanced spellchecker will then be effective whenever you work from the browser, whether it's your email, professional chat or network chat. It will therefore have an impact on the writing of your talkspirit chat posts and discussions.

On Safari

To disable automatic correction on Safari or MacOS, go to your device's system preferences!

Then click on the Keyboard icon.

Then select the Text tab and deactivate the option Correct spelling automatically by clicking on the associated box.

You'll then be able to use the software, applications and programs on your MacBook or iMac without automatic spell checking being activated.

On Microsoft Edge

To disable automatic correction on Microsoft Edge, you'll need to disable this feature for the Windows 10 system as a whole.

To do this, go to the Start menu to open Settings.

From the Settings view, select Devices.

Choose the Typing option and then disable the Show text suggestions as I type option.

After disabling these two options, close Microsoft Edge and restart the Windows 10 operating system.

On Mozilla Firefox

To disable AutoCorrection on Microsoft Firefox, select the Menu button and then select Preferences.

From the General section, select Language. You'll then be able to uncheck the Check your spelling as you type option.

The changes made will then be automatically saved.

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