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The group administrator
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You want to understand the role of the group administrator and his rights on the platform? More information in this article.

Who should read this article?

This article is for all users of the platform.

Definition of the group administrator role:

A group administrator is a member who has additional rights related to a group. Among them:

  • the management of its members (invitations, deletions, group administrators),

  • management of publication permissions,

  • integration management,

  • group information and privacy management (if the administrator has enabled this option),

  • the creation of a chat room dedicated to the group,

  • deletion and archiving of the group,

  • Drive rights management.

Who can become a group administrator?

A user only becomes a group administrator once the group has been created.

  • A member can create a group (and become its default administrator) as long as an administrator has activated this option.

  • Administrators and the owner of the platform can become administrators of a group at any time if they're a member.

There is no limit to the number of group administrators in a group. The group administrator has the possibility to grant the rights to another member of the group.

Creation of a chat room:

The administrator of a group has the possibility to create a chat room dedicated to the group he manages.

This chat will allow group members to communicate with each other without having to publish their discussion.

To create a chat room, the group administrator must:

  • select the group concerned (in the "Groups" tab of the left side menu bar or from the news feed),

  • click on the "Settings" icon, on the right side of the page,

  • select "Create a dedicated chat room".

The chat is now created and accessible in the "Chats" tab.

The group administrator will then have rights related to the chat.

Good to know

A group administrator has the possibility to access a filtered view of all the groups he manages in:

  • clicking on the "Groups" tab in the left side menu bar,

  • selecting the "Groups I manage" tab in the icon bar at the top right of the page.


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