The spreadsheet, or OfficeNow spreadsheet, is one of the 3 types of documents offered in talkspirit's complete collaborative office suite allowing your users to work together efficiently.

Creating a spreadsheet

To create a spreadsheet, click the Spreadsheet icon from the General News Feed, Group News Feed, or Filespace.

A window opens with your spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet interface

Editing and working with a spreadsheet

  • Click on Untitled Document on the right in the top banner to give it a title.

  • Click in a cell, enter the character "=" to perform an operation or enter the first letters of a mathematical function.

  • Select one or more cells to format them with the options in the Home menu.

  • To undo or redo an action, click Undo or Redo on the left side of the Home menu.

All changes made to the spreadsheet are recorded continuously. You can leave the document without fear at any time.

Working Collaboratively, Version Management

The presence of several people online on the spreadsheet is visible by an icon in the upper right-hand corner of the document.


Select a cell then Add comments by right-clicking to add a comment, or do the same via the action with the same name in the Collaborate menu.

Version management

When you change a spreadsheet, the changes you make to it generate new versions. These versions can be kept to distinguish the evolutions made between 2 versions and to return to a previous version if necessary.

The display of the versions is available in the File menu (coming soon).

Compatibility with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel files shared within a group can be opened and edited in Talkspirit's OfficeNow suite.

To work together on an Excel document,

  • Load the file in the Filespace of the desired group

  • Click on the document (.xls or .xlsx extension) to open it in OfficeNow.

OfficeNow spreadsheets can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format into OfficeNow from the File menu and then Downloaded as they are, or from the Download File action in Talkspirit.

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