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Solving Common Problems

Automatic update system

Since version 4.0, the application can update itself automatically. The user is then notified of a new update available directly in the application.

However, due to the limitations of different operating systems, the automatic update system is only possible via the main installation formats of the application:

  • Windows : .exe

  • macOS: .dmg

  • Linux: .AppImage

For other formats you will have to install the updates manually. At the moment there is no notification system for alternative formats yet. We will soon offer you quiet notifications directly in the application to download and install new updates manually.

  • I can't connect to my organization or my login/password is not recognized

Firstly, check that the name of your organization is spelled correctly - the same goes for your username and password.

If you still have the problem, try "Reset Application" via the "Help" menu. You will need to re-enter your organization's name and your credentials.

  • My page loads endlessly when the application starts up

It is possible that you may have had an internet problem during the connection process. We have identified the issue and a patch in version 4.1.1 is available. In the meantime you can quit the application and restart it. As a last resort, you can "Reset the application" via the "Help" menu.

  • The videoconferencing link opened in the Desktop application and I can't get back to my organization.

We have detected an issue where copying and pasting a videoconference link in a chat or a post allows the user to open this link internally. However this was not the intended purpose of the action. Indeed, properly running the videoconferencing system requires certain accesses (especially for file and screen sharing) that your web browser has. These links should open externally on your web browser. We provide a correction patch in version 4.1.1.

In the meantime to return to your organization, you can use the menu "History" > "Back". If you have restarted your application - the history will have been cleared, then you will need to "Reset the application" via the "Help" menu. For an optimal videoconferencing experience, please copy and paste the link into your browser.


  • The application does not launch at startup and the window does not appear anymore

Under version 4.0.4 - it was possible for the application to launch without ever displaying a window or icon in the taskbar. We fixed this bug with the 4.0.5 update.

In reality, the application is running in minimized mode and the icon appears in the notification bar at the very bottom right of the screen. If the window does not appear, simply click once or twice on this icon to bring up the window OR right-click > View.

  • When I click on the talkspirit icon - the application doesn't launch and can't be found

Under version 4.0.5, we have identified a problem when installing the update if you click on "Install later" - once the update is downloaded. In this case the operating system uninstalls the previous version when you manually close the application, but cannot install the new one. The application still appears on the desktop but does not launch when you click on the icon.

To solve this problem, you must manually re-install the application with the latest update available here: You should find your organization running at the next reboot.

We are currently working on a patch to prevent this kind of problem from happening again. For now, please do not click on "Install later" but rather on "Install now".

  • "Windows protected your computer"

Under versions 4.0.6 a protection message has appeared, warning you that Windows has protected your computer against unrecognized software. This message appears because Windows has recently strengthened its security policy with new updates.

This is a false positive and we are currently having our application validated with a security authority with the addition of a digital signature. Version 4.0.6 removes this warning message.

You can still run the program in a lower version by clicking on "Additional information" and "Run anyway". However, it is possible that your administrator's program security level may not allow you to install the program. Pending the next update, you can still use the web application.


  • What is the .AppImage format?

AppImage is a new way offered by the Linux community to create installers compatible with all Unix subsystems, but also to allow developers to manage automatic updates. The official AppImage website is here:

  • The installer doesn't launch

The format is not yet fully supported on every system and you must make the downloaded installer executable to use this format correctly. Just right click > Properties > Permissions and check the "Allow this file to run as a program" checkbox.

For more support information, you can visit the official website here:

  • The application does not launch anymore

If you are using an AppImage-independent manager, it is possible that it could conflict with the application and corrupt the update system. If the application no longer launches, you will need to remove all references from the application and re-download the application.


  • When I quit the application, a crash appears

Under version 4.0.6 we have identified an error when closing the application related to macOS Mojave. Upgrading to version 4.0.6 should fix this problem.

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